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Welcome back!  Another new school year is here with and with that there is much to be accomplished. We have new curriculum, new teachers, and great new attitudes.  In the over twelve years that I have been here at Kohler, I have not witnessed such a smooth beginning.  Maybe it was the ice cream the day before school that put everyone in a positive mindset.  Whatever the reason, let's try to keep the momentum going.

This was the first year I spent my entire summer in Sacramento.  I didn't realize how hot it got!.  One fun thing I did was take a drawing class.  I learned many strategies on how to draw, but I also felt frustrated at times which made me think of how students feel when they learn something new.

School is different now and kids are expected to master many different subjects at a much deeper level.  For this reason, teachers also need help from parents.  An easy way to support your student is to read with them at least 20 minutes nightly and help them study math facts.

By working together we can hopefully minimize the frustrations kids feel when taking on a new school year.